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Facial Aesthetic Treatments At Synergy Clinic

Makeup can do wonders for reshaping the face, creating the illusion of smoother, plumper skin and helping us to feel great. However, it can only do so much, and sometimes we all need a little more 'help' in restoring our looks to a condition we feel more comfortable with.

At Synergy Clinic we offer various professional facial aesthetics treatments to refresh and rejuvenate the neck and face, to help patients reconnect with confidence they may have lost through the natural ageing process.

Botox For Fine Lines & Wrinkles in Addlestone

Botox is a well-known high performing cosmetic treatment used to treat wrinkles and fine lines on the face and reducing those signs of ageing is one of the most common requests we receive here at Synergy Clinic. Lines and wrinkles commonly occur between the eyebrows or on the forehead where the face moves regularly and the skin eventually registers that movement in the form of ageing marks.

Botox helps with this problem by relaxing the muscles involved, essentially stopping the muscle from contracting and forming the lines and wrinkles. The result is a much smoother area of the face, with visibly reduced lines and wrinkles.

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What Can Facial Aesthetic Treatments Help With?

Common problems patients come to us with are:

  • Crows feet (lines next to the eyes)
  • Jowls
  • Smokers lines (lip lines)
  • Forehead lines
  • Facial skin sagging
  • Loss of volume in the face
  • Loss of volume in the lips

Patients may be concerned about a specific aesthetic concern, or a selection of issues which combine to contribute to a lower level of confidence. That confidence can be restored with one or more of the professional facial aesthetic treatments provided by Synergy clinic.


Neck Sagging (Platysmal Bands)

Neck sagging is a common side effect of natural ageing, and it can be a real cause of insecurity. Many women feel that neck sagging is a real giveaway of their age, despite looking youthful facially. Botox can help with neck sagging, jowls and jawline appearance and it is the only non-surgical option to reduce platysmal band appearance.

Platysmal bands are the long areas of skin that go from your chin to your neck and they loosen as you age, becoming more visible and making the neck appear saggy. Botox tightens the bands and makes the neck appear more youthful, whilst also sharpening the jawline, effectively creating a neck lift effect.


Hyperhidrosis is where a person sweats excessively, in some cases, so much so they have to wear special pads under their armpits to soak up the excess fluid. Botox is UK licensed to help with hyperhidrosis of the armpits because it prevents the sweat glands working. It is injected every few centimetres into the armpit and the treatment begins to wear off after 3-6 months. Our trained clinicians are pleased to be able to offer this life-changing treatment to patients.

For more information about any of these treatments, please contact Synergy Clinic on 01932 856541 and our expert team will be pleased to assist you.

Cosmetic Fillers At Synergy Clinic in Addlestone

If you would love to see the signs of facial ageing in your looks gently and skilfully reduced, to create a more rejuvenated and enhanced look, then you don't need to resort to surgery.

The Synergy Clinic team can help you achieve long-lasting and natural results using Juvederm, a leading cosmetic filler. Juvederm fillers are used all over the world for their high quality ingredients, and the ability to make such effective changes to facial aesthetics when used by trained practitioners.

What Is Juvederm Made From?

Juvederm fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which is actually something already made by our own body to keep moisture levels high. Unfortunately though, those levels naturally dip with age. When the skin is hydrated properly it is plump, soft and radiant and that is the effect you can expect from Juvederm fillers. Lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and the product is suitable for any skin type, even skin prone to acne or breakouts. After 4-6 months the product breaks down naturally, although it can break down more quickly in areas where the muscles are used more, like the lips.

What Can Juvederm Be Used For?

Juvederm can help enhance lots of different areas of the face, for a fresher, more youthful look. Common areas for Juvederm enhancement are:

  • Nasolabial folds (the folds from the nose to the mouth
  • Marionette lines (sitting underneath the mouth corners)
  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Nose
  • Jawline

Juvederm smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also plumping areas of the face that have lost volume with age, like the cheekbones.

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Juvederm Has No Downtime!

One of the main benefits of Juvederm in comparison with other cosmetic enhancement treatments is that it requires no recovery time at all. We can complete some treatments in as little as ten minutes, depending on how many areas we are treating. You can pop in, have your treatment and then go back to work, or out for a coffee with friends, without needing any recovery time at all. This is a huge benefit to many of our patients who lead busy lives and want to experience minimum disruption for treatments.

Reduction & Enhancement

One of the major benefits of Juvederm fillers is that it can be used for sculpting and enhancing facial features, as well as reducing features you don't like. For example: you may want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, but you want your lips and cheekbones to be plump and smooth like they used to be. Juvederm can be used for both of these reasons, enabling you to effectively pick and choose the facial features you would like to be enhanced and reduced. For just one product, it brings a world of possibilities and uses for patients looking to freshen and rejuvenate their looks, restoring confidence and a youthful glow.

Are you interested in cosmetic fillers to rejuvenate your appearance? Call Synergy Clinic today on 01932 856541 .