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Dental Implants in Addlestone

Implants for missing teeth at Synergy Clinic

Dental implants are the cutting edge of dental restoration and we are proud to offer them at our clinic. They create the next best thing to a completely new tooth root, and offer an exceptionally durable and effective solution for tooth loss.

Dental implants are precision engineered pieces of titanium shaped like screws which are implanted into the jaw bone to create a firm support for a crown or bridge above the gum line. We can use these incredible structures to support a single tooth, multiple teeth or complete arches of teeth, restoring your smile back to its former beautiful and functional state.

Dental implants


Single Tooth Dental Implants

When you lose a single tooth, it can be replaced with a single tooth denture or a bridge, but those options aren't as effective as a dental implant. They aren't secured in place and they provide no tooth root replacement, so the section of the jawbone missing the root will eventually degrade, reshaping the face over time.

Options like bridges also affect otherwise healthy surrounding teeth which need to be shaped to accept the crowns which anchor the bridge in place. With dental implants, the root is replaced and the crown attaches to the implant - the result is fully restorative, and much more secure than any other option.

Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

If you have a few teeth that need replacing, there are various restoration options using dental implants that can be applied to restore your smile. Depending on where the different missing teeth are, separate implants can be placed, or potentially a bridge which is secured by individual implants. In all instances we will apply as few implants as possible to ensure the treatment is as efficient and low-cost as possible.

Full Arch Dental Implants – ‘All On 4’

Previously, dentures were the cutting edge option for full arch teeth replacement and modern dentures are the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable they have ever been.

However, dentures do still come with their downsides. They don't prevent the jawbone from degrading, so the face still changes shape over time and can also feel uncomfortable for some, regardless of them being fitted properly.

Using dental implants for full arch replacement is a superior option to dentures because they maintain the jawbone and anchor a full set of new teeth securely in place. When your new dental implants have 'settled in' your smile will feel completely natural and you shouldn't even notice apart from when you get them checked over by your dentist. They look beautiful, and they enable you to eat, drink and talk as you did before!

In a similar fashion to using dental implants to fix an arch of teeth in place permanently, they can also be used to anchor dentures. So if you still prefer to wear your dentures but need a firmer solution with more confidence in wearing, please talk to our team.

Are you interested in dental implants to replace missing teeth or as an alternative to uncomfortable dentures? Please call the implant team at Synergy Clinic today on 01932 856541 .